The Importance of General Knowledge for Your Child's Success in Life

The Importance of General Knowledge for Your Child's Success in Life

Jul 11 , 2022

Alex deMoca

General Knowledge – Understanding VS Memorizing!

General knowledge is an understanding of pretty much everything that’s happening around us. In the Montessori world, general knowledge is based on the child being more observant, focusing more on understanding and experiencing rather than memorizing. Ultimately, we want our children to have a general knowledge of the world around them rather than just numbers and sounds.

The science behind it!

➡️Studies have shown that kids with more information about their surroundings perform better in life than those focused only on academic knowledge.

➡️When learning something new, they improve their communication, thinking, and perception skills, working on both creative and objective thinking.

➡️A general understating of the world and how it works boosts self-esteem and confidence. Fear of the unknown mostly comes from not being informed in the first place. So, having the correct information, they will face their challenges boldly.


General knowledge will teach them life skills anyone needs, like self-control, empathy, decision making, awareness, and so on.

Do they need to learn everything?

No, they don’t. Just observe them and identify their interests, needs, and relaxing ways. Then, guide them with helpful information.

From the day they are born, they start to collect information about the world around them to form their own identity and constantly develop their social, emotional, and thinking skills, among others.

The success of the future adult!

Their growth and success have been shown to be related to their general knowledge. They can excel in different areas in their future life (both personal and professional) based on the information acquired as young children.

The final goal of helping them acquire as much information about themselves and our environments is to set the tiny human with the desire to create, invent and discover, having a purpose while being aware of their impact on the world.

Exposure to vast topics will encourage their curiosity to further learn about a specific topic.

What skills do children develop through general knowledge?

▪️Sorting  ▪️Comparing  ▪️Classifying  ▪️Listening  ▪️Predicting  ▪️Testing  ▪️Reflecting  ▪️Evaluating  ▪️Sequencing  ▪️Questioning  ▪️Making Decisions

The Know-how for parents when it comes to teaching general knowledge!

  • Use everything around you to offer more information about their world. Use the sunrise/sunset to teach them about science, then about respiration, rain, stars, food on the table and the food chain, wildlife, the Jurassic era, etc. We are surrounded by numerous opportunities to extend their knowledge.
  • Get oriented on the physical world as well. All kids should know and be aware of their body, how it works, how to take care of it, the environment, and the life it hosts (from birds, insects, animals, trees, plants, and so on). The weather and its changes, the climate changes, and how we influence that. A simple outside walk with profound observation can be an excellent opportunity to offer more information on these topics.
  • Have different balls in the house? Great, that’s the perfect occasion to teach them about sports and how playing them can benefit their body and mind. Set up the backyard for a quick basketball game, soccer, or football. Use specific balls for each game.

Everyday activities and different types of play provide us with learning opportunities that will stimulate all their senses, making them ask questions while exploring the environment.

Keep things simple, fun, and engaging

So your little one will benefit the most from the information offered. Provide as many meaningful experiences as possible with learning opportunities and practical activities.

Try to offer your child experiential learning about people, places, time, oneself, other living things, and non-living things.