Christmas Gift Ideas for Three Years Old – Best Non-Montessori and Montessori Toys

Christmas Gift Ideas for Three Years Old – Best Non-Montessori and Montessori Toys

Dec 06 , 2022

Alex deMoca

Enjoying the gift of giving this Holiday season by choosing smart, not overdoing it, and being super fun for open-ended play, in Montessori style. Pick gifts that kids will be interested in and plan ahead the activities for the coming year. Observe their interest, what they would like to learn or get better at, and what might be fun and exciting to experience, something new, maybe. All the toys listed below are gender-neutral, and both will benefit kids ages 2,3 or 4! This age group usually loves practical life toys and working on their fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cause and effect.

Best NON-Montessori Toys!

When picking toys that are not Montessori, we look for those that are fun and encourage open-ended play! Check out our three picks for 2022!

Lego (even Lego Duplo) – While there is no house, literally with no Lego pieces, this is a gift that every child enjoys at every age. For little ones, Lego Duplo is a fine choice, while older kids have various options offered by Lego by age. Kids use it as described and even make their own inventions.

Board Games: Board games offer an excellent opportunity to connect with your child in the afternoon and have a good time while discovering strategies or new information, depending on the game. It’s a great way to learn about healthy competition or to work together against the board and toward a mutual goal.

Puzzles: While all puzzles are aligned with the Montessori method, usually only wooden puzzles that are simple, functional, and related to real life are considered Montessori 100%. Puzzles (of all kinds) help little ones work independently and develop their age skills (shape recognition, spatial awareness, fine motor skills, etc.). Also, you can go for puzzles that teach them more about the world, like map puzzles, anatomy, nature, and more. Choose a 3D puzzle for older kids to challenge them in a new and interactive way.


Best Montessori Toys!

Busy Board: With the most favorite and engaging real-life activities that any three-year-old boy or girl loves to do, this interactive busy board focus on practical life skills, training fine motor skills, and is excellent to be taken on trips, car rides, or Holiday gatherings. Children learn to zip, buckle, button, solve mazes, keep themselves occupied and interested, and work on attention, focus, and logic. This deMoca Busy Board uses natural materials for a unique play experience. 

Quiet Book: With various activities that encourage learning, skill-building, and healthy playtime alone or with family, this Quiet Book is suitable for kids around three years old. Toddlers can focus on matching the Velcro-colored shapes, practicing telling time, using the zippers, buttons, and buckles, or tying their shoelaces. All senses are stimulated with these 9 Montessori activities.

Daily Activity Book: This hands-on learning book gets kids more involved in everyday activities. This Book will help children practice dressing, preparing meals, washing their teeth, going to bed, or caring for a pet. Ten pages filled with engaging daily activities will get toddlers closer to independence and learning self-care. A sensory play experience but without the mess.

Final note

At this time of the year, we should all teach our little ones the gift of giving and the gift of spending time with our dear ones, family, and friends.