Are Busy Boards Good for 1 Year Old? Unlocking potential from six months old babies

Are Busy Boards Good for 1 Year Old? Unlocking potential from six months old babies

Sep 14 , 2023

Alex deMoca

As parents, we always look for new and exciting methods to teach and entertain our children, especially during their early years. A busy board is a simple yet vital tool for children aged one and up that encourages learning, discovery, and safety.

Certified for Kids Tiny Hands

Certified busy boards for infants and toddlers are designed to meet the unique developmental needs of children from six months to one year of age. Your child's highest level of safety is a top priority, and these boards should be made with care to ensure that.

1. Essential Skills for Everyday Life

One-year-olds have a never-ending curiosity about the world. Basic motor skills, including zipping, spinning, sliding, pressing, and pulling, can be introduced using a certified busy board. Though seemingly unimportant, these tasks are crucial in the long term for encouraging autonomy and self-reliance.

2. Growth and Healthy Play

A busy board is a great way to entertain your youngster while encouraging mental and physical growth. It helps with focus, strengthens hand-eye coordination, and develops dexterity in fine motor abilities. Your child's future success in many areas of life depends on acquiring these fundamental abilities.


3. The Montessori Method

A certified busy board can be thought of as a simplified version of a Montessori activity tray. It encourages sensory play by exposing young infants to new shapes, colors, and textures. Children build a firm basis for their future education by engaging in these sensory exploration activities.

Are Busy Boards Good for 1 Year Old Unlocking potential from six months old babies

4. Put Safety First

The importance of safety in a busy board for toddlers under the age of two cannot be overstated. Most retailers recommend against their products being used by children younger than three because of the risk of choking or being harmed by little parts. On the other hand, certified boards put safety first and follow strict guidelines for kids aged one and above.

The wooden construction of these boards makes them sturdy and reliable. They're just the right combination of weight and strength to be manageable for a one-year-old. Because there are no removable or detachable elements, parents can rest easy knowing their child is playing and learning in a risk-free setting.

What Your Child Learns

There are many advantages to using a certified busy board for your youngster:

  • Enhanced ability to focus
  • Stimulation of the senses and practice of new abilities
  • The discovery of previously unknown objects, patterns, hues, and textures
  • Help for pre-schoolers with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or autism
  • Improvements in eye-hand coordination, creativity, learning, and communication
  • Growth in the understanding of space, self-reliance, and autonomy
  • Easy, Exciting, and Useful

Busy boards that have been certified are made with ease of use in mind. All kinds of enjoyable and useful things for kids of all ages are available on the board. Children can have hours of fun with simple toys like switches, wheels, zippers, Velcro, and mazes that don't require batteries or bright lights.

Montessori Inspired Busy Board for 1+ years old Toddlers and Babies with 5 Educational Learning Sensory Activities

Overall, a certified busy board like this one for toddlers is an excellent investment in the future. It's an entertaining and risk-free approach for young children to develop their minds and bodies while having fun. These boards encourage a love of learning and exploration from a young age by prioritizing safety and offering age-appropriate activities. If you want to see your child flourish intellectually and emotionally, give them the gift of a safe, busy board right now.