The Play-Based Learning Impact in 2023 - The Toys that Play a Critical part in Childhood Learning

The Play-Based Learning Impact in 2023 - The Toys that Play a Critical part in Childhood Learning

Mar 30 , 2023

Alex deMoca

Play-based learning is a great way to give your little one a well-rounded education when it comes to educating your toddler at home. Play-based learning encourages children to be imaginative and explore their surroundings while focusing on the development of cognitive, social, physical, and emotional skills.  Open-ended items, such as busy boards and felt silent books, are essential to creating a play-based learning environment at home for your toddler. A busy board (like this one) is often made of wood and has several different activities such as latches, locks, knobs, switches, and gears attached to it. A felt quiet book (like this one), on the other hand, is a soft book with interactive games and activities like matching, sorting, telling time, dressing, and more.

The activities on the busy board can be used to teach toddlers about various shapes, colors, and textures. Kids also learn to solve problems and improve their fine motor skills. Toddlers can learn about many real-life-inspired activities with the use of felt quiet books.

They will not only be able to discover new things, but they will also be able to enjoy themselves.

Among parents and teachers in 2023, open-ended toys like busy boards and felt silent books are growing in popularity. These toys keep kids entertained for hours on, and encourage problem-solving, imagination, creativity, and open-ended play in kids.

Children's Open-Ended Toy Advantages:

  1. Promotes Problem-Solving Skills: These Montessori-inspired toys encourage kids to use their imaginations and problem-solving skills. Children may figure out how to operate gears, unlock locks, and solve puzzles on their own with the help of busy boards and felt silent books, which helps them improve their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.
  2. Encourages Creativity and Imagination: Children can express their imagination and creativity with open-ended toys. With busy boards and felt quiet books, there are no right or wrong ways to play, allowing kids to come up with their own concepts and tell their own stories.
  3. Encourages Fine Motor Skills: Children's fine motor skills can be developed by manipulating little objects like the latches and locks on a busy board or the pages of a quiet book. For everyday tasks like writing, tying shoelaces, and using utensils, fine motor abilities are crucial.
  4. Develops Attention and Focus: Children who play with open-ended toys must concentrate and keep their attention on the activity at hand. Children can practice their focus and concentration abilities using busy boards and felt silent books, which can benefit them in other aspects of their lives, such as in school or during tasks requiring continuous attention.
  5. Promotes Language Development: Children can practice and improve their language skills while playing with open-ended toys. Children can ask questions, talk to others, and describe what they are doing, which can help them expand their vocabulary and improve their communication abilities.

Parents and educators may enhance children's learning and contribute to their growth of important skills that will be useful to them throughout their lives by giving them the chance to play with these kinds of toys.