Santa brought, and brought, and brought. How to prevent toy hangovers after Christmas?

Santa brought, and brought, and brought. How to prevent toy hangovers after Christmas?

Dec 30 , 2021

Alex deMoca

We have only ONE piece of advice for you: “Divide and conquer.”

Christmas day has come and gone, but left a huge toy hangover behind? Your child got so many presents that he just seems confused and overwhelmed, going from one toy to another? Are you in a constant daily battle with the pile of toys in your kid’s room? And here comes Christmas with a new wave of flashy, colored, above-age toys?

This happens the day after Christmas when they consume too many toys at once. Also, we really don’t want the primary focus of Christmas for our children to be toys/gifts. We should focus more on teaching them that this time of the year is for spending time with our loved ones and helping those in need.

While this happens every year, and every year we promise ourselves that next year will stay at 2 present per child, here we are, guilty as charged for the toy overload, while promising yourself that you’ll have more willpower next year.

How do we stop the toy madness and not create an overstimulating environment for them?

Put away old toys while they are still mesmerized playing with the new ones. Out of sight out of mind, so while he’s unwrapping the new toys, just put away some of the old ones until you decide it’s the right time to give it back (a month, 2 or 3 after Christmas when the excitement of the new toys has passed).

Give away toys they have outgrown. Declutter while doing good, give the excess of toys to those in need, teaching your little one the lesson of giving, gratitude, and helping others. Having children involved in the process of decluttering while donating gives them a chance to embrace empathy.

Include more books on the wish list. Books are a fantastic gift option for kids of any age. Choose something thematically or with a character that has the same age as the child. Don’t forget that reading helps kids learn new words, develop self-control and empathy.

Choose quality instead of quantity. Why not offer natural, sustainable toys, Montessori-inspired toys that can go from generation to generation? Choose toys that support learning through play. Toys are the tools for learning, and no-tech toys are great to enhance curiosity, creativity, motor skills, and so more.

Upgrade your gift list with membership to a museum, zoo, tickets to special events, family trips, a day with mom/dad. The possibilities are endless, from going to an aquarium to a concert, a play or sports event, a water park, or just having breakfast with dad. Try to offer experiences rather than things when they already have too many toys.

Minimize your children’s toys before Christmas. Get them involved in the process if they are at least 2 years old and help them decide which toys to give or keep. It’s a great opportunity to spend time together and teach them about the real meaning of the holidays.

Rotate the toys. You can choose to rotate your child’s toys right before Christmas, putting away some, especially those that are seasonal. This is great to keep the room organized and your child not overstimulated or bored with their toys.

Tip: rotate an entire group of toys (kitchen toys, all baby dolls, etc.)

Don’t forget: only YOU can prevent a toy hangover this Christmas!