International Women's Day - Self-care for moms of toddlers and what is NOT self-care

International Women's Day - Self-care for moms of toddlers and what is NOT self-care

Mar 07 , 2022

Alex deMoca

It's incredible what moms can do to enjoy themselves when possible. But is it really self-care what we do? On International Women's Day, we want to do it right! Claim your genuinely self-care time! Whether you're a working mom, stay-at-home mom, or even mom-to-be, you deserve to indulge in some self-care. Investing in your well-being it's not selfish, and it's not neglecting your toddlers. Your well-being is beneficial to your toddler. Your healthcare influences your child's healthcare and well-being.

"Almost 80% of moms say they set aside taking care of their own health to care for their family."

Let's be honest! There are several online pieces of advice on how to relax and take care of yourself, but are those really self-care tips? Taking a shower alone it's NOT self-care. Doing laundry while kids are sleeping is NOT self-care. Reading parenting books/blogs, it's NOT self-care. Going to the bathroom alone is NOT self-care, and we could go on and on. These are daily tasks moms do. It's not self-care, and definitely, it's not for mom's well-being.

Your body and mind work every day to be the awesome mom and woman you are, so take a break and do some self-care because you surely deserve it.

It's time to remind and re-introduce things that relax, make you happy, and it's only FOR YOU. Celebrate your mind, soul, and body regularly; honor them with rituals that you enjoy.

It should be your priority. Being good physical, emotional, and mental is beneficial for you, your spouse, and YOUR KIDS.

Children look to you and how you treat yourself. You set the example for your toddler, from how you speak about yourself to how you treat your body and soul, how you spend your time. So, you model how they will take care of themselves in so many ways.

Find your happy time!

It's can be a walk in the park, enjoying a good coffee alone or with a friend, doing a yoga class, or hiking. Once you identify what is good for your well-being, make time in your busy day, mom, for these kinds of moments to happen. It can be once a day or once in a couple of days, but be consistent.

Create your happy moments along the day by just shifting your energy to things that contribute to your well-being. Saying "No" more often should not make you feel bad or selfish. Know you and what makes you happy doing and what doesn't, so just say "No".

Do a digital detox once in a while. Social media has never been more obsessed with appearance and beauty (and the pressure put on moms that feel like they never measured up). Women should care more than just about aging, cooking, beauty, or weight loss. Shift your time and attention on self-love, self-acceptance, being blessed with every inch of your body, embrace it. Focus on the positive things you can do for yourself, whether it's choosing to nourish your body, healing food or taking care of your soul.

Surround yourself with like-minded women! Share opinions, thoughts, advice, and don't forget about laughs. Have a sense of belonging, let your daily stress fade, find your "normal" with other women, embrace it.

Get SILLY! No, not your kids, you! When was the last time you sang loud your favorite song? When did you have the last game night with your friends? How about dancing freely? Light up the volume and let your body move freely? It's pretty fun and relaxing to be silly sometimes, give you the chance to forget about anything stressful, and just BE.

SLEEP! Most moms will agree to the lack of sleep or at least the lack of quality sleep. So, a good, old-fashioned, ALONE sleep might be just what you need, and that's ok. It doesn't have to be a fancy dinner or girls' night out to count as self-care. Sleep helps you see and think more clearly, fuels your body with energy.


And for those who want to help mothers in their lives, just be intentional, offer to help moms in your life, make them feel important, honored, respected, and much more than just "mom."

For you, moms out there, you're the driving force of your own life and those around you!

Happy International Women's Day! You are strong, powerful, and inspiring. You are ENOUGH!