Easing Back Into Kindergarten or School!

Easing Back Into Kindergarten or School!

Sep 08 , 2022

Alex deMoca

We’ve put together the best tips for the smoothest transition from the summer mood to the start of the new academic year (whether it is school or kindergarten).

Any significant change needs to happen gradually,

so your child can adjust easily to the new program (either school or kindergarten). But how can we do it? And is there a better way for both parents and children? While school and kindergarten have already begun, the accommodation might take us by surprise. Maybe the first day or week hasn’t gone as smoothly as you wish. Returning to old or new routines from summer days can be challenging for little ones.

Talk about the routines and calendar of the academic year ahead.

Go shopping for back-to-school items. It’s exciting to buy new stuff you’ll use all year.

Encourage curiosity and be open

rather than build false enthusiasm for the new beginning. You can start by thinking loudly about the new year ahead. “Hmm, I wonder what other kids feel about being back to kindergarten/school?” “I can’t stop thinking about if everyone will love the new activities they will be doing this year?”

Step into school sleeping routine.

After an entire summer of almost no sleeping routine, getting back on schedule might be difficult for some. So, it’s best to start the transition to the new sleeping routine gradually. Start by waking up a little earlier each day until the desired school/kindergarten wake-up time. Try to have a peaceful morning as possible. Fifteen minutes change works best when adjusting the sleep and wake-up schedule. Based on his age, please choose the best wake time and bedtime for your little one, so he gets up rested and ready for the day.

The morning spirits that sets the tone for the day!

It is important to have calm mornings so the stress level won’t increase, causing anxiety and leading to a difficult day. When children control the morning routines, they get a sense of security and safety that decreases stress and sets the mood for the day. With that in mind, make sure to put your little one in charge of as many routines as possible in the mornings (what to eat, choosing clothes, dressing if possible, preparing lunch, what music to listen to in the car, what shoes to put on, and so on).

Preparing in advance for a smooth morning and less hustle!

Having clothes chosen the night before and preparing snacks and lunch also helps to have a less stressful morning. Involving the child in the process of preparing for the upcoming day offers consistency, expectations of the day ahead, and feeling in control of it.

Children love predictability!

Talk about what will happen once school or kindergarten begins and what he will be doing. Have things prepared and offer them as much choice as possible over those things (lunch bag, backpack, school supplies, and so on). Being actively involved in preparing for the new beginnings helps ease the stress and get familiar with the new routines and what is expected of them.

Let your child do as many things as he can.

Practicing daily activities builds their independence and sense of control. You can use books to help with the practice, like “My Daily activity book”, where we can learn about morning and nighttime routines.

All in all, remember that children are often more adaptable and flexible than adults. They still ought to have fun but differently, so let’s have an academic year full of fun and learning.